Tuesday April 21, 2015

The ultimate step toward success: J.D./M.P.A. Joint Degree

Looking to embark on a career of public service? J.D./M.P.A. Joint Degree Program is now being offered at the University of Dayton.

NEW FOR 2015

The School of Law, in conjunction with the Department of Political Science, is now offering a joint degree program in which students can earn both their Juris Doctorate and Master of Public Administration degrees in three years, including summer course enrollment.

Students who are interested in both degree programs must first apply and be accepted to the School of Law. In the spring semester of their first year of law school, interested joint degree students would then apply to the MPA program. The MPA admissions committee will review the application and make a recommendation regarding admission.  If accepted to the MPA program, students will begin their MPA coursework the following fall semester/start of their second year of law school and be officially classified as a joint degree student at that time. 

Students enrolling in the Law School’s accelerated two-year program would also be eligible to apply, but participation in the joint degree would follow a slightly different schedule, and would require those students to extend their time for both degrees to three years. 

Contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for more information.

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