Thursday October 1, 2015

Writing Lockdowns

More than half of Professor Susan Wawrose’s Legal Profession I students participated in two “writing lockdowns” recently.  The rules of the lockdown were simple: attend and work quietly on the upcoming first memo assignment.  No email, no social media, and no talking were permitted.

“I credit this idea to Kathleen Vinson of Suffolk Law School,” Wawrose said. “I thought it was such a great way to create a community of learners and to assist students with the hardest thing—making time in the middle of the week to sit down, single-task, and focus on writing.  When I heard this idea, I knew immediately I wanted to create this opportunity for our students.” Wawrose also noted she was delighted to have the enthusiastic support of Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Staci Rucker.

Students appreciated the opportunity to work without distraction and expressed an interest in additional lockdowns in the future.  There was one drawback to working in a room with others though. One student noted, “Sun Chips are the loudest chips.”

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