The Value of Mentoring

By Michelle T. Sundgaard

Recently, Nadia Klarr and I attended the Bizwomen Mentoring Monday event hosted by the Dayton Business Journal. It was a “one-of-a-kind event that brings together women in a casual, fast-paced coaching atmosphere” where we met with a group of women professionals to find advice on building our own careers.

The session, which did not include many from the legal community, showed me the importance of networking outside of your field and building different relationships with different professionals. Those people and relationships can become mentors which can provide diverse resources for you along your career path.

The most important takeaway for me was that each person that I met had something unique and integral to offer that can help further my career even though they are not lawyers or judges. I learned so much and I do recommend that all law students attend an event like this.

Michelle T. Sundgaard

Michelle T. Sundgaard '16

You can also read about Nadia’s experiences here.

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