Leadership Honors Program Inaugural Roundtable Series presents Lawrence Lessig

Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School professor, New York Times best-selling author and recent presidential candidate, will be the first roundtable speaker for Dayton Law's Leadership Honors Program (LHP) on Sept. 21. Students accepted in the LHP have the opportunity to engage with national and international experts in law, governance and business in the Honors Roundtable Series. The series is chaired by former Governor Robert Taft.

Lessig is also part of the University of Dayton Speaker Series and will present his talk, "The Importance of the First Presidential Debate," later that evening in the Kennedy Union ballroom. his presentation comes just a week before the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. A book signing will immediately follow his talk.

Lessig first became known for developing the very foundations of internet law, allowing the sharing of copyrighted content. He has since taken on issues at the core of our system of government. As a previous Presidential candidate himself, Lessig knows first-hand the nature of politics in America. More importantly though, he believes he's found the root of the problem with politics and why politics in America is so corrupt. Through the combination of Lessig's personal experience campaigning as well as the studies he has done surrounding the role of money in political corruption, Lessig provides an insightful, rousing perspective on the 2016 election. For more information on Lessig visit www.lessig.org.

For more information on the Leadership Honors Program at the School of Law, please contact Susan Wawrose, director.

For more information, contact Denise Baker, assistant director of communications at the University of Dayton School of Law, at lawcomm@udayton.edu.

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