Learning From Our Colleagues

Earlier this summer, 11 administrative assistants from academic departments joined the Faculty and Staff Engagement Group (FSEG) and colleagues from the LTC to discuss upcoming programming, resources, and the best ways to communicate on a variety of issues.  

The administrative assistants represented all units on campus and provided insight about how we can improve our support of their work at the department level.  Several of them shared ideas that will help the LTC enhance the ways we communicate with academic departments. The meeting facilitators also provided space for participants to ask questions about LTC resources and services.  A number of topics were discussed including communication with faculty, student resources, and how to help new faculty get the information they need to be successful in their positions. Some people noted how helpful it was to be able to put names and faces together for colleagues with whom they’ve only corresponded electronically.  The sessions provided an important opportunity to connect with and learn from colleagues across campus.

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