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President May 12, 2019
Make Your Life a Masterpiece
My message to the Class of 2019: Strive to live meaningful lives, filled with great purpose and deep faith in what is possible. Take the canvas of your life — and make it a masterpiece.
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President May 09, 2019
Great Joy

I love this time of the academic year, with all its pomp and circumstance — and its great joy. It’s always a touching weekend, one that will be made even more special this year when the University awards an honorary doctor of fine arts degree to Ro Nita Hawes-Saunders, CEO of the world-class Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

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President May 06, 2019
A $24 Check — and a $1 Million Gift

This is an inspiring story about the American dream. Lived by a Chinese immigrant. It’s a real-life narrative about perseverance, hard work, ingenuity, honor, selflessness — and gratitude.

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President May 03, 2019

When I walked into Daniel J. Curran Place for the building’s long-awaited dedication and blessing, the realization hit me full force. This property — with its grand facade adorned with Dr. Dan’s name, a prairie taking root under the solar arrays on the massive front lawn, and Appalachian redbud trees blooming along the lagoon in Old River Park — is a metaphor for new life.

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President April 29, 2019
Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity

Our faculty are engaged in the time-consuming task of re-examining the University’s promotion and tenure policy with an eye toward revising it to more closely reflect our mission and ambitious aspirations. Will the countless hours of meetings and consensus-building be worth it? In a word, absolutely.

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President April 25, 2019
A Dream Takes Flight

When I first looked up at the stunning glass rotunda in the Dayton Arcade, it gave me goose bumps. This is glorious space, historic space. Less than two miles from campus and smack in the middle of the city sits an extraordinary place for students, faculty, and staff to make their mark as innovators.

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President April 24, 2019

When Mary Ann Issenmann retires next week from the registrar’s office after an astounding 51 years of service (that is not a typo: FIFTY ONE!), the University of Dayton will lose one of the most dedicated people ever to grace our campus.

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President April 22, 2019
One Imaginative Idea at a Time

In a corner of Torch Lounge, Spencer Janning ‘20 chatted with passers-by about a comfortable leg brace he designed — and patented — to help a local child with cerebral palsy sleep better at night. Not every student will graduate with a patent or a marketable product, but why can’t all students leave here with an entrepreneurial mindset, the belief in what’s possible?

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Faculty and Staff April 21, 2019
Easter joy
In an Easter message, I invite students, faculty and staff to recommit ourselves to living more fully our mission of building community and creating a more just world for all.
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President April 17, 2019
The Power of Sharing Our Stories

There is nothing more transformative than hearing people tell their stories in their own words. Listening, we realize our shared humanity.

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