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Nationwide Job Search Strategy for Teachers

  • Contact the Department of Education in the state you plan to teach in early to find out license/certification requirements for that state.
  • Schedule an appointment in Career Services for guidance with your job search plan, resume and to practice interviewing skills.
  • Complete your profile and career interest section in Handshake and upload your resume.
  • Attend UD's Education Interview Day held in the Spring semester. 
  • Research and visit the location where you would like to teach. 
  • Meet or reconnect with those you know who may be able to assist you with your future job search. 
  • Look at LinkedIn and join University of Dayton groups.
  • Review the education job search listings.
  • Update your resume and always be ready to talk about your education background and teaching interest. 
  • Buy a suit for interviews. 
  • Establish references early to help with possible letters of recommendation or references.

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