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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and an American Chemical Society accredited Bachelor of Science in chemistry. We also offer a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry and a Bachelor of Science in medicinal-pharmaceutical chemistry. Our graduate programs include a Master of Science in chemistry with a thesis or non-thesis option and, starting in the 2016-17 academic year we offer the 5-year Bachelors + Masters Program (BPM).

All of our B.S. chemistry and biochemistry majors are encouraged to participate in an undergraduate research project under the guidance of a faculty research mentor (B.S. medicinal-pharmaceutical chemistry and B.A. chemistry students are encouraged to participate as well). Students may choose to pursue projects in all major chemistry sub-disciplines (analytical, inorganic, medicinal, organic, physical and biochemistry).

In the News
Research 08.30.19
Chemistry Research Encounter

Keegan Gupta got a head start on his fellow first-year University of Dayton students by spending several days on campus in late July as part of a chemistry research team.

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Sciences 11.16.18
Chudd 2.0

Dedicated in 1958, the University of Dayton's Chudd Auditorium originally boasted air-conditioning, tiered seating and widescreen motion picture facilities.  

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Department of Chemistry

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