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Why should students participate in Political Science internship programs?

In today’s marketplace, students must implement a multi-prong approach to differentiate themselves from their peer competitors and to demonstrate to employers that they are prepared and ready to succeed in their chosen professions. In order to be most competitive in their transition from college to the workplace, Political Science students should consider enrolling in the UD POL Internship Program.

We offer students meaningful opportunities to engage in the real world.

  • Learn about, connect into, and become involved in real challenges facing communities
  • Test academic concepts and theories on real world issues
  • Gain insight into public policy – effectiveness and real world impact
  • Test your interests…expand career options
  • Develop strong problem solving skills

In addition, POL Intern students can use the POL Internship Program to network with professionals, identify mentors, and cultivate professional relationships. For more information about semester internship opportunities, please contact Internship Coordinator, Daniel Birdsong.

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