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Students may enter the University as premedical or predental majors. It is advantageous to do so because such students are:

  • thereby enrolled in a first year orientation section which focuses on the needs of students who intend to apply to a health professional school.
  • assigned to an advisor who is a member of the Premedical Faculty Committee.
  • included in services provided by the Premedical Programs Office.

The Premedical and Predental majors are identical, differing only in the stated intention of the student. 


The curriculum may be characterized as an interdisciplinary science major with emphasis in Biology and Chemistry.

In completing the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Premedicine or Predentistry, a student can meet all of the entrance requirements for the health professional school of their choice while still retaining the greatest possible latitude in selecting science and non-science courses of personal interest.

Quick View of Program Requirements

Required Science Courses

  • General Biology: BIO 151, 151L, 152, 152L
  • General Chemistry: CHM 123, 123L, 124, 124L
  • General Physics: PHY 201, 201L, 202, 202L
  • Organic Chemistry: CHM 313, 313L, 314, 314L
  • Calculus: MTH 148, 149
  • Statistics: MTH 207, MTH 367, or PSY 216
  • Biochemistry: CHM 420 AND 420L
  • Science Electives: five lectures and two labs

Required Non-Science Courses

  • CAP: All Common Academic Program (CAP) requirements and successful completion of MED 480
  • English: one upper level course
  • Social Sciences: three courses

Overview of the Bachelor of Science in Premedicine

Overview of the Bachelor of Science in Predentistry

The Minor in Medical Humanities

The Premedical Program offers a minor in Medical Humanities which can compliment any Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

Overview of the Minor in Medical Humanities

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