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Initiatives of the College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is at the center of a diverse community that is the University of Dayton. Throughout the College, many of our centers, academic programs and endowments offer special initiatives to both the campus community and the surrounding Dayton area. Numerous activities and events serve to enhance the cultural and academic experience for all and serve to allow professional and personal growth.


For over fifty years the University Arts Series has been presenting great performances to campus and community audiences.

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Dean's Summer Fellowship
This program provides an opportunity for University of Dayton College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate students to conduct summer research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.
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Paul Laurence Dunbar
University of Dayton scholars in multiple disciplines have preserved the works of Paul Laurence Dunbar by sharing his life and poetry and through speaking and musical performances that reanimate the poet's words.
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Global Goals
As the “University for the Common Good,” we are called to serve others through our work, teaching, scholarship, service, creative endeavors, and partnerships. The United Nations Global Goals offer both a frame of reference and a plan for action that links our own efforts with an international movement.
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Healthcare Symposium

An initiative of the University of Dayton and Miami Valley Hospital

The University of Dayton's Office of Premedical Programs joins with Miami Valley Hospital to present this annual symposium. Each year there have been one or more themes addressed in the symposium sessions.
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Human Rights Conference
An initiative of the Human Rights Studies Program and the newly formed Human Rights Center at the University of Dayton.
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Liberal Arts Scholarship Catalyst Grants program
An initiative of the College of Arts and Sciences, this program provides support for faculty research in the liberal arts.
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STEM Catalyst Initiative

An initiative to invest in and support faculty and student STEM research at the University of Dayton, this program is a collaboration of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Hanley Sustainability Institute, and the School of Engineering.

Summer Science Research Symposium

The goal of the one-day Summer Science Research Symposium is to exhibit the quality and breadth of undergraduate research in the sciences at the University of Dayton. 

Vote Everywhere

An initiative of the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community and the Department of Political Science, in partnership with the Andrew Goodman Foundation.

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