Meet the Staff Series - Joe Twiner

Our next CCE blog team member is Joe Twiner. Joe is also a sophomore from a suburb just north of Atlanta called Dunwoody. He is working toward a dual degree in Secondary Religious Education and Religious Studies. Here are Joe’s answers to the interview questions:

What do you do at the CCE? I am on the blog team as an editor and writer

Why did you join the Blog Team? I joined because Catholic education is so very important to me, and I think that the more we can talk about something, the better it gets.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love to hike, fish, and do anything outside. I also have been known to watch a little too much netflix. I love reading (C.S. Lewis is my favorite) and hanging out with friends.

Why do you support Catholic Education? Because I have grown up in Catholic education, I have seen how it can help shape people into active citizens, devout Christians, and above all good people. I think Catholic education is so different from any other form of education, because it is able to focus on the whole person, body, mind and soul, while maintaining a tradition thousands of years old.

What Catholic Education topic are you most passionate about? I really want to advocate for more Catholic special education, and also teaching critical and theological skills, not just memorizing facts about the Church.

Who is your role model? Describe him/her/them: My role model is my grandma, she is an amazing woman. She worked for years as a nurse and mother, and was devoted to her faith and family. She is a servant who gives her whole life to others and hope for nothing but a prayer in return.

Tell us three fun facts about you: I was in a circus in middle school, I am an identical twin, and I can lick my elbow

Joe is a great addition to this blog team. His passion for Catholic education is evident and he is able to share his passion with others in the conversations that he has. Look out for future posts on the blog by Joe and for the flier that he is currently creating for us. Let us pray for Joe in his work toward being a Catholic educator and in his daily life in all that he does.

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