Invaluable Experience

By Michelle Thompson Sundgaard

"My law school mock trial experience is one that I will never forget. Not because it was fun and rewarding, because it was, but because I learned more through this process than I ever could in a class room. Being a trial attorney may come naturally to some, however, even an expert has to work hard to be a successful trial attorney. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. My incredible partner, Rodney Jacobs, and I practiced several times a week to be as perfect as we could. Even in the moment, it sometimes felt like we were unprepared, but realistically we were. We were ready because we prepared ourselves for anything. We prepared ourselves to be professional, to think on our feet, to respond to objections, and to persuade the jury. Our confidence, hard work, and critical thinking skills came naturally to us, but everything else came from hard work and listening to our experienced coach, Dennis Lieberman '78. The Mock Trial Competition was incredibly rewarding, and Rodney and I made it to the quarterfinals, but the fact that I can carry this experience throughout my career means all the more. This is a program every law student should participate in, regardless of their interest in litigation."

 - Michelle Thompson Sundgaard
   JD Candidate, 2016

Learn more about the Mock Trial Team at Dayton Law.

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