Friday July 31, 2015

Welcome Fall 2015 Incoming Class

Congratulations to our incoming fall class who will be attending first-year orientation at the University of Dayton School of Law from August 20-25.

At Dayton Law, we believe that students' success is our success, and the entire Dayton Law community is committed to educating and guiding their development into a legal professional.  This education and guidance begins during orientation, which marks the beginning of academic studies at Dayton Law.

Orientation will take place at the School of Law on August 20-25. Orientation will introduce students to the study skills and habits needed to maximize academic performance in a rigorous learning environment. Students will also be introduced to the high standards of professionalism and ethical behavior expected in the Dayton Law community and in the legal profession. Finally, orientation provides students the opportunity to meet and interact with future classmates who will travel with them on this professional journey, as well as to meet the faculty and staff who will guide them. 

If you are an incoming Fall 2015 student and have not yet signed up for Orientation events, please click here.

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