Friday February 19, 2016

Why are there circles on the Lent banners?

Our new banners were designed, dyed, and sewn by faculty artists Darden Bradshaw and Suki Kwon and a team of four students.

The hemp banners consist of 40 circular forms dyed using cochineal (a natural dye from an insect native to Central and South America) in the Shibori, a Japanese resistance, technique. The circles represent the 40 days of Lent and the quest we have towards wholeness with God in this time. The dye is a precious protective by-product that requires the insect to die to produce (read “lenten sacrifice”). Using naturally dyed fabric is symbolic of our prayer for faith to infuse the very nature of our being. The deep layered circular hues point to the long work of the Holy Spirit who changes us from within. The cloth is immersed in dye and is transformed, as we seek to be transformed in Christ through the renewal of our baptism at Easter. 

That’s a lot of symbolism for two 26 foot banners! May they offer some insight for you throughout your Lenten journey.

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