Monday October 24, 2016

Social Media Literacy

By Jennifer Morin-Williamson

We live at a time with access to a plethora of social media. We can see and hear about the details of events that happen on the other side of the world, in the house next door, or the residence hall on campus in a matter of minutes. How we engage with social media needs to be considered and considerate. Many of us have grown up with the internet so we take constant access for granted and don't often reflect that we need to be intentional about our participation. We need social media literacy.

Social media is as much a part of our life as running water. But like water, it can become polluted and unhealthy. The nature of social media is such that our curiosity is piqued and snapping or clicking is done almost without consideration. However, we need to be mindful.

Our Catholic social teaching encourages us to do just that. Behind every picture or posting is a person with inherent dignity and the right to privacy. What would it be like if we paused to consider our social media interactions? Do we lift people up or tear them down? How can our actions reflect the Good News of the Gospel?

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