Spiritual Direction: It's For Everyone!

By Kathy Sales

Where is God in my life? What am I supposed to be doing next in life? What is the meaning of this darkness I encounter in prayer? Where can I go to wonder out loud about God? Sound familiar? Spiritual direction may be of help to you in answering some of these questions on your faith journey.

Spiritual Direction, an ancient spiritual practice from the Desert Fathers and Mothers, is open to anyone who is trying to figure out how to develop a prayer life or find God in life’s experiences. Not only for religious or those considering religious life, but all are welcome to explore spiritual direction on their faith journey. When in a session, directees (those receiving direction) are encouraged to sit and talk about what God’s doing in your life and pay attention to the calling of the Holy Spirit.

A spiritual director will not answer your questions for you or solve your problems, but will listen with the heart of God and reflect your thoughts back to you for further insight. Spiritual direction, despite the multiple meanings of the term “direction,” is really about a spiritual director walking with a person as they go deeper with God. 

It is not counseling or therapy, nor a replacement for those valued services. There is no cost for UD students, staff or faculty who wish to see the spiritual directors on the campus ministry website. To contact a UD spiritual director, go to: https://www.udayton.edu/ministry/care- growth/spiritual_direction.php.

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