Monday April 20, 2015

We are the Witnesses

By Mary Cummins Wlodarski

In our gospel reading, Jesus speaks very clearly and frankly with the disciples. The parables and hidden teachings are over now, this is the Risen Christ, and the prophecies regarding the Messiah have come to life with him! They are our first hand witnesses of this. We have received the good news from them.

And now we too are called to be witnesses to the Resurrection.

The disciples examined Jesus’ hands and feet. We examine the wounds of poverty or prejudice, violence or oppression. They fed Jesus from their small surplus. We must share our resources of material wealth and be generous with our time and efforts. They listened to Jesus explain the scriptures and they opened their hearts to the illumination of revelation. We too need to struggle with understanding the Gospel message as it applies to our time, our place, and our vocations.

And, like those first witnesses, we too see Jesus first hand.

Each time we gather at the Eucharist, each time we participate in this sacrament, we recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread!

What we see and what we experience is not so different from our ancestors in faith. What we proclaim is exactly the same: “Jesus is risen. We are saved. Love never fails. Alleluia.” 

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