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Our diverse academic programs combine theory and practice, allowing our students to navigate the road to post-graduate success.

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Looking Out for Nepal

A University of Dayton geologist is helping a NASA-U.S. Geological Survey volunteer group detect severe hazards developing as a result of the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes in Nepal.

Fourteen Green Elephants

We're working on sustainability solutions. At this time of year, we measure results in tons.

Elite Status

Community engagement is our way of life. Now the Carnegie Foundation has noticed.

Discovering the social sciences

Students can fulfill Common Academic Program requirements and satisfy their cluster social science requirements with innovative, interdisciplinary SSC 200 courses, offered in a wide variety of themes.

SSC 200 offerings

The world awaits you through literature

See what the Department of English has to offer for ENG 200 courses in Fall 2015.

ENG 200 offerings

Master in Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration program at the University of Dayton offers the Nonprofit & Community Leadership Community Certificate. In the Catholic, Marianist tradition, this program prepares students to be agents of social change.

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Graduate Program in Music Education

The graduate program in music education is a joint effort of the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education and Health Sciences. The program offers many courses and workshops during the summer, making it easy and convenient to advance through the program or gain professional development credit. Most courses are taught online.

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