Committed to sustainability.

Our Hanley Sustainability Institute strives to meet the growing demand for sustainability skills in the workplace through interdisciplinary education and research.

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Latest News and Events

A Church Of and For the Poor

Brother Ray Fitz, S.M., Ferree Professor of Social Justice at the University of Dayton, will give a special talk on how Pope Francis is tapping the Catholic social justice tradition in challenging the church to turn its focus to the poor.

Historic Peacemaking

The Dayton Peace Accords at 20 conference luncheon with former U.S. President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation and 42nd president of the United States, is a sellout.

Protecting our natural resources

The Rivers Institute

We bring key partners in the Greater Dayton community together to promote, preserve and protect our watershed. Students, faculty and staff work with community members, stakeholders, and local organizations to build community around our rivers. 

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Why study the humanities?

Humanities Commons: What Does it Mean to be Human?

New versions of first-year courses in the humanities seek to educate in the spirit of the Common Academic Program (CAP) and introduce each of the seven CAP student learning outcomes while meeting appropriate disciplinary objectives.

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