Mathematics Colloquia 2017-2018

Fall Term 2017

The department Colloquia are held every Thursday (except holidays) at 3:35 p.m. in SC 323. Refreshments are served in SC 313F beginning at 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. All are invited to attend.

Graduate Students: The mathematics colloquium is a valuable resource and you should make every effort to attend regularly.

For more detailed information, or if you wish to give a talk, please contact Paul Eloe. >>


December 7: (1) The Search for an Improved Estimator in Determining the Probability of Jet Engine Failure. Kaity Jones, University of Dayton. (2) Optimal stopping problems for a Brownian motion with a disorder on a finite interval, Runze Hu, University of Dayton  Abstracts and more >


November 30: Spread option pricing with two underlying assets in a regime-switching model. Ying Ding, University of Dayton.  Abstract and more >

November 9: The Clay Institute Millennium Prize Problem on Navier-Stokes and its Probabilistic and Compressible Counterparts. Sivaguru Sritharan, Air Force Institute of Technology. Abstract and more >

November 2: Set theory and automorphisms of corona algebras. Paul McKenney, Miami University. Abstract and more >


October 26: Visualizing & Validating CO$T Optimization (with JMP as your Analytic Hubs. Tom Filloon, Stat.i.m llc. Abstract and more >

October 19: Algebras having Bases Consisting Solely of Strongly Regular Elements. Daniel Bossaller, Ohio University. Abstract and more >

October 12: A combinatorial approach to minimal free resolutions of path ideals and domino ideals. Shelley Bouchat, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Abstract and more >


September 28:  Quasilinearization and Boundary Value Problems at Resonance for Caputo Fractional Differential Equations. Saleh Almuthaybiri, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

September 21:  Discretization Scheme in Volterra Integro-differential Equations that Preserves Stability and Boundedness. Youssef Raffoul, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

September 7:  An exact numerical scheme for curves with corners in 2D, Dr. Catherine Kublik,  University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

Upcoming in Spring 2018


March 15: Title to come. Tatjana Miljkovic, Miami University.  Abstract and more >


February 8: Title to come. Pamela Pyzza, Ohio Wesleyan University. Abstract and more >


January 25: Title to come. James Cordeiro, University of Dayton.  Abstract and more >

January 18: Title to come. Ying-Ju Chen, University of Dayton. Abstract and more >

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