Mathematics Colloquia 2018-2019

The department Colloquia are held every Thursday (except holidays) at 3:35 p.m. in SC 323. Refreshments are served in SC 313F beginning at 3:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. All are invited to attend.

Graduate Students: The mathematics colloquium is a valuable resource and you should make every effort to attend regularly.

For more detailed information, or if you wish to give a talk, please contact Paul Eloe. >>

Spring 2019


March 7: Gu Wang, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Sharing Profits in the Sharing Economy.  Abstract and more details >

March 21: Aurel Stan, Ohio State University Marion. Semi-quantum operators and Meixner random variables.  Abstract and more details >

March 28: Sarah Burke, Air Force Institute of Technology. Optimal Multi-Response Designs.  Abstract and more details >


April 4: Abigail Kramer, University of Dayton. Numerical Solution of Coupled Diffusion Systems for Spatial Pattern Formations.  Abstract and more details >

April 11: Limin Jin, University of Dayton, A tree-based method to price European and American options with stochastic volatility or stochastic interest rate and Lijun Lin, University of Dayton, A Comparison of Numerical Solutions of the Black-Scholes Model.  Abstracts and more details >

April 25: Hind Alasmari and Nouf Alsomali, University of Dayton Abstracts and more details >


May 1 (Wednesday): Ruiqi Wang and Xichen Yan, University of Dayton Abstracts and more details >

May 2: Johnathon Spilker and Peter Kawiecki, University of Dayton Abstracts and more details >

Fall 2018


Sept. 27: Jeffrey Neugebauer, Eastern Kentucky University. An Avery Fixed Point Theorem Applied to a Hammerstein Integral Equation.  Abstract and more details >


Oct. 11: Yang Liu, Wright State University.  Abstract and more details >


Nov. 1: Anup R. Lamichhane, Ohio Northern University.  Abstract and more details >

Nov. 6: Pinju Lee, University of Dayton. Portfolio Formation, Crash Risk and Stock Synchronicity.  Abstract and more details >

Nov. 8: Youssef Raffoul, University of Dayton. Stability And Boundedness In Nonlinear Neutral Differential Equations using New Variation of Parameters Formula And Fixed Point Theory.  Abstract and more details >

Nov. 15: Valentin Deaconu, University of Nevada, Reno. Crossed product correspondences and applications.  Abstract and more details >

Nov. 29: Didier Hirwantwari (Bootstrapping Transfer Function Models) and Ebtsam Alrasheedi (Applications of fixed point theorems to boundary value problems at resonance), University of Dayton.  Abstracts and more details >


Dec. 6: Maha Reshedi (A comparison of numerical and analytical solutions of differential equations and systems) and Teng Zhaopu (Numerical solution of 2D Vasicek PDE model), University of Dayton.  Abstract and more details >



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