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The Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture is an annual event that was established in 2000 to provide presentations by noted mathematicians to undergraduate students. Learn more >>

The Alumni Career Seminar is a biennial event, held in every even-numbered year since 1964. Students interested in mathematics meet with our alumni to learn first-hand the breadth of career opportunities in the mathematical sciences and how they can use mathematics in their careers. Learn more >>

Undergraduate Mathematics Day is a biennial event, held in odd-numbered years, to celebrate all forms of undergraduate mathematics, from research and learning to teaching and history.  We invite talks by both students and faculty. Learn more >>

William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is held annually in early December, and is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in colleges in the USA and Canada.  Learn more >>

The Integration Bee is a competition similar to a spelling bee, with competitors solving problems from integral calculus.  The University of Dayton Integration Bee is held annually as part of  the Stander Symposium.  Learn more >>

The High School Math Contest is a contest for local high school students interested in mathematics, organized and funded by the University of Dayton Math Club.  Learn more >>

For information about previous events, including Undergraduate Mathematics Days, Biennial Alumni Seminars, and the Schraut Lectures, visit http://ecommons.udayton.edu/mth_events/.

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