Sunday January 31, 2016

Faith Fest

By Emma Froelich

“You are more than the choices that you’ve made, you are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you are more than the problems you create, you’ve been remade.”

As college students who fall short of perfection, do these words provide comfort for you as they do for me? It can be easy to fall into sin and stumble in our walk with Christ, but that’s ok! God never expected us to be perfect. He gave us brothers and sisters to help us along this journey and walk with us. How beautiful is that? God can speak to us through our brothers and sisters no matter their denomination or spirituality. Often we as Christians are separated by our differences in belief rather than being brought together by our mutual love for God and His creations. However, His desire for us is to all come together.

Faith Fest strives to break this invisible barrier and give us all the opportunity to unapologetically join together in praise to Him as one voice! We can stand next to people we’ve never met, people we’ve passed on campus, and people who are so near and dear to us, all singing God’s name and giving Him glory through music. This year, Faith Fest will be graced to praise God alongside the artists who sing those very lyrics above, Tenth Avenue North. Maybe there’s someone who you know needs to hear these words of hope. Maybe you need to. I encourage you to come to Faith Fest this year. I encourage you to bring a friend (or multiple friends!).

Tickets are free for UD students on Orgsync and you can even receive a PATH point. Non-UD students can order tickets at for $15. The concert is February 6 and we need your voice there. And remember, “you are more.” 

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