Journaling Retreat

Guided Journaling

By Allison Leigh

“This is what you do when you journal. You are recording God’s grand, epoch-spanning redemptive story as it unfolds in your limited, temporal sphere of existence here on earth. Your journal has the potential to record the continuation of the Holy Spirit’s work in our world!” Adam L. Feldman

This quote struck me as a little heady and grandiose when I first read it. Journaling and grand-epoch spanning stories are not two things I put together. Then I thought about what my journals, and taking some time for quiet and scribbling whatever is on my mind, has taught me and I discovered Feldman is pretty right on. When I get the ideas out that are swirling around inside me, God speaks. And for once I listen. When there is a place to jot down every fear and feeling I would otherwise not dare to express, I start getting at the truth: the truth of who I am, of what is hurting, of what brings me joy, and of what God is calling me to become.

From March 4-6 you will have the opportunity to explore how the Holy Spirit is working through your own stories on Ink and Paper: a guided journaling retreat. There will be time for quiet, for using different journal prompts and methods of journaling (including art journaling) and some time for sharing what you learn with a small community. Consider taking time for this creative and contemplative form of prayer. Register on UD Campus Ministry’s retreat page today

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