Brand Guide


The University has three main typefaces. Collectively, these fonts — Champion with its declarative tone, Chronicle with its premium feel and Oskar with its expressive, geometric look — help bring the UD spirit to life.


Champion is bold and versatile, and it is used for almost all headline treatments. Champion is best used large and in all caps. Approved weights: Champion Bantamweight, Champion Lightweight and Champion Heavyweight.


Chronicle may be used for body copy and select headline treatment. It is a regal serif that is used to contrast the bold uppercase letters of the other fonts. Approved weights: Chronicle Display Bold Italic, Chronicle G2 Text Bold and Chronicle G2 Text Roman.


Oskar is a modern, outlined sans serif that compliments that graphic elements of the brand. It is an accent typeface, and it should never be used for body copy. Approved weights: Oskar Inline One Regular.

Alright Sans
Alright Sans is a clean, modern type. It is an alternate typeface that can be used for body copy when the design requires a sans serif.