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A Strong Front-line Secures the Bottom Line.

The center also presents Supervisor and Professional Development Programs for new and experienced supervisors, managers and individual contributors from companies of all sizes. Participants do not have to complete the Leadership Certificate Program for Supervisor and Professionals to participate in these programs.

High-caliber, subject-matter experts from the Dayton Region and beyond are carefully chosen to present cutting-edge information. Participants will leave each program with thought-provoking material that can be taken back to the workplace and immediately applied, to help you achieve profitable growth.

These programs are ideal for new and experienced supervisors and other professionals looking to develop their leadership and management skills.


A variety of one-day programs are held throughout the year. Topics include conflict management, supervision, communication skills, leadership essentials, stress and time management and decision-making.

Professional Programs 2017 Calendar

Professional Programs 2018 Calendar 

      *prerequisite program required


Supervisor and Professional Development workshops are open to:

  • Partner organizations - an annual partnership allows executives across the organization to participate in any scheduled programs for $299 or 1 unit per person per day.
  • Individual executives – individuals who are not part of a partner organization may attend sessions for $395 per day.
  • University of Dayton alumni – alumni may attend sessions for $345 per day.


To participate an upcoming session for supervisors and professionals, complete registration here.

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