Our dean's message.

At the University of Dayton School of Engineering, we are motivated by 'Engineering that Matters' — engineering with a higher purpose.

We are concerned with educating the engineer of the future, so our students can become complete professionals. It's not only about educating competent engineers who excel technically but also about educating engineers who embrace innovation, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, understand social and global awareness and who will serve as leaders in their communities.

Our University enjoys collaborative resources and partnerships that ensure the success of our undergraduate and graduate students through our programs that offer real-world, hands-on education, research and service.

Following our Catholic, Marianist tradition, we value an education of the whole person and are committed to graduating engineers who will impact the lives of many for the betterment of all.

Dean Eddy Rojas
July 1, 2014

Vision, Mission and Values


Igniting passion. Engineering the future. Making a difference.


Rooted in the Catholic Marianist tradition of educating the whole person, we guide the transformation of students into engineering professionals who excel technically, embrace innovation and collaboration, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrate social and global awareness, and lead their communities for the betterment of all.

  • COMMUNITY: We cultivate a learning community founded in teamwork, trust, collaboration, diversity, inclusion, respect, and accountability.
  • INNOVATION: We foster innovation by providing real-world, hands-on education, research, and service opportunities that shape dynamic, agile, and inquisitive problem solvers.
  • EXCELLENCE: We advance engineering excellence through responsible scholarship, knowledge creation, and lifelong learning.
  • ENGAGEMENT: We embrace a culture of servant leadership and stewardship that instills engagement in our students, faculty, staff, university partners, and external stakeholders.
  • SERVICE: We embrace our Marianist heritage through character building, a commitment to service for the common good, and guardianship for the Earth as our common home.


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