Electrical Engineering (B.E.E.)

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Wired for Success

Our curriculum provides you with an understanding of basic electrical engineering principles and emphasizes the development of problem-solving skills. Your extensive lab experiences are integrated with your coursework, which ensures the development of fundamental knowledge — resulting in a graduate ready to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree.

Electrical engineering is a broad-based degree program concerning the study and application of devices and systems involving electrical signals, electronics, and electromagnetics. It includes the rapidly developing areas of control systems, digital and computer systems, microelectronics, telecommunications, radar systems, robotics, signal and image processing and more.

  • Our Cooperative Education program allows students to work with companies such as GE Aviation, AO Smith, Honda, Toyota, Fujitec, Battelle, YSI, LexisNexis and Naval Research Laboratories.
  • A degree that makes you competitive in today's job market
  • Hands-on research experiences at our state-of-the-art, on-campus lab facilities and extensive research opportunities at the University of Dayton Research Institute and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base labs
  • Professors respected by scholars worldwide

Plans of Study

Click here to go to the University Catalog for overview and courses for the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree.

You'll focus on the development of electrical devices, integrated circuits, microelectronic devices, electronics, electromagnetics, electro-optics, signal processing, computer systems, networks, communication and control systems. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide hands-on learning — in combination with classroom concepts, you'll have hands-on practice in the microfabrication lab, optical information processing lab, photonics lab, signal processing lab, systems and control lab, communications networks lab, advanced digital design lab, opto-electronics devices lab, HAM-radio lab, ultraviolet laser lithography lab, and computational electromagnetic lab.

Click here to go to the University Catalog for more information about the Bachelor's Plus Master's Program.

You can participate in our Bachelor's Plus Master's Program that leads you to a bachelor's degree in an engineering major (chemical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, or technology) and a master's degree. Physics majors (College of Arts and Sciences) may also participate. 

Note: you should plan early and consult with your department to determine when to make this request. Requirements: minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and permission from your undergraduate department chairperson.

Areas of Emphasis 

We offer a variety of minors and concentrations that allow you to explore your area of interest. 


Program Details 

Our laboratories include the Advanced Computer Architectures Lab, Advanced Digital Design Laboratories, Communications Lab, Embedded Signal Processing Lab, Ham-Radio Lab, Intelligent Signals Systems Lab, Microfabrication Lab, Microwave Electronics Lab, Robotics Lab, Signal and Image Processing Lab, Systems and Control Research Lab, Ultraviolet Laser Lithography Lab, and Vision Lab.

At the University of Dayton, we are proud to have a d15:1 student/teacher ratio — experience one-on-one assistance with transitioning, advising and growth as an engineering professional. Augmented with joint faculty from the electro-optics program, our electrical engineering faculty are world-renowned teachers and researchers. 

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Scholarship Opportunity
FIRST® Scholarship

FIRST® inspires young people to be science and technology leaders and innovators by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs to build science, engineering, technology and life skills. The University of Dayton School of Engineering supports their endeavor with a $2500 renewable scholarship for students who major in electrical, computer, civil, discover (undecided) engineering or engineering technology. FIRST® Scholarship 2019 will be available in January. For information, please click here to email Shawnee Breitenstein.


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