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Help fill the need for bioengineers.

Bioengineering is a growth industry in Ohio. Would you like to help fill the need for bioengineers? The University of Dayton Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering presents the Master of Science in bioengineering, a collaboration between the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Master of Science in Bioengineering (M.S.)

Our 30-semester-hour program of lecture and laboratory components provides the following areas of emphasis: Biomaterials and biomechanics, biosystems engineering, bioengineering instrumentation, bioprocess engineering

Research Opportunities
  • University labs: Biomechanical analysis, biochemical and bioenergy, Tissue Regeneration and Engineering at Dayton (TREND) and Nanoscale Engineering, Science and Technology
  • Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Area industry partners
  • Kettering Medical Center, biomedical imaging and orthopedics
  • Grandview Medical Center, biomaterials area
  • Thesis research or special projects
  • The University conducts about $18 million in bioscience and bioengineering research. It also participates in the Ohio Board of Regents Economic Growth Challenge/Innovation Incentive Program, which provides funds to the University to support research in bioscience and bioengineering.

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Bioengineering Graduate Program, Dr. Kristen Comfort, Director

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