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Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

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As a chemical engineering major, you will apply the principles of the sciences, economics and human relations to develop new products and processes, as well as design, build and supervise facilities that convert raw materials into useful products and services.

Our chemical engineering program provides you with fundamental science and engineering skills, applied engineering knowledge and major laboratory experience culminating in a real-world design experience. This technical competence, combined with a significant general education experience, results in a well-rounded education that prepares you for success in work, graduate school or professional school.


  • Multidisciplinary, nontraditional career opportunities
  • A degree that makes you competitive in today's job market
  • State-of-the-art laboratory facilities
  • Professors respected by scholars worldwide

Plan of Study 

University Catalog for Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

The first part of our curriculum provides your base. The second part offers you a balance between the classroom and the lab. We cover topics such as transport phenomena, thermodynamics, kinetics and reactor design, separation processes, fluid flow and heat transfer operations, and process control and design.

University Catalog for the Concentration in Energy Systems — Chemical

This rapidly growing concentration is open to all engineering students to discuss energy systems and its social consequences.

University Catalog for the Bachelor's Plus Master's Engineering Program

You can participate in our Bachelor's Plus Master's Program that leads you to a bachelor's degree in an engineering major (chemical, civil, computer, electrical, mechanical, or technology) and a master's degree. Physics majors (College of Arts and Sciences) may also participate. 

Note: you should plan early and consult with your department to determine when to make this request. Requirements: minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and permission from your undergraduate department chair.

Areas of Emphasis

The University of Dayton's undergraduate chemical engineering program has a variety of minors that allow you to explore your area of interest. 

Program Details 

You'll discover fundamental science, engineering skills and applied engineering knowledge, which culminates in a real-world design project resulting in an education that prepares you for professional success.

Through technical electives, a minor or a concentration is at your fingertips in engineering specialties, such as energy, environmental, materials or bioengineering. Courses in fuel cells and alternative energy can lead to a concentration in energy systems, and premedical school preparation gives you the foundation for a medical degree.



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