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Our master’s degree programs will help you learn skills that can accelerate your professional career by providing you with the enduring and rigorous educational basis upon which most successful strategies for system optimization and product & process improvement are built. 

The Master of Science program in Engineering Management (ENM) offers practicing engineers the analytical tools and management skills needed to plan, design, optimize and direct complex programs, processes and systems — and to lead the teams that make them work. The Master of Science program in Management Science (MSC) teaches technical professionals how to apply the quantitative techniques and tools of operations research to solve problems in business, industry and government. Graduates from both programs are able to quantify, model, analyze and simulate any situation to make the tough decisions required by leaders of complex programs, processes and systems. 

Plus, our faculty bring the classroom to you through our innovative distance learning environments. While all of our courses are offered in a time-honored classroom setting, most of those live classes are also simultaneously broadcast over the Internet via web conferencing. This enables students who might be unable to attend classes on campus to nonetheless participate in real time via two-way audio, one-way video and chatTo accommodate working professionals, courses are offered during the fall, spring and summer semesters, either over the lunch hour or in the late afternoon or evening. And all simulcast courses are also recorded, enabling both on-campus and Internet-based students the ability to playback classroom sessions at their convenience.  

In addition, our engineering management master’s program is offered in a 100% online format as well, with classes offered in a virtual classroom setting that allows 24/7 accessibility over a compressed 8-week timeframe.

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Academic Programs & Certificates

The Department welcomes students — both graduate and undergraduate — who desire to accelerate their professional careers by learning advanced technical and management skills that will enable them to rigorously support and lead effective problem-solving and decision-making initiatives in complex systems. 

The Department offers two programs — Engineering Management and Management Science — that lead to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree. Click a link to learn more about the program of your choice:

The Department also offers a number of course-based certificate programs that document the successful completion of electives in certain areas of concentration. Click a link to learn more about the certificate of your choice:

The Department offers the master's portion of the Bachelor's Plus Master's program for undergraduate students as well as two undergraduate minor degree programs that are open to all engineering and engineering technology majors. Click a link to learn more about the program of your choice:


Our graduates are successful because they understand foundational concepts in statistics, operations research and simulation, and can apply these in diverse areas in industry, government, business and the military. Recent graduates from our programs have received increased job responsibilities, experienced rapid promotions and, in many cases, have achieved external professional recognition as six-sigma black belts, certified quality or reliability engineers or project management professionals.


If you have an engineering, math or science degree and are ready to transition to a leadership or management position, the M.S. in engineering management degree is for you. Enhance your technical skills while developing your management skills. You'll study organizational behavior, systems engineering, engineering economy, computer simulation modeling, decision making and operations research, along with an elective program that you can tailor to your interests.


If you are technically oriented, enjoy problem solving and have strong quantitative abilities, the M.S. in management science degree may be for you. You do not need to be an engineer to study management science but should have a background that includes at least three semesters of analytic geometry and calculus. A liberal elective program allows you to take courses in the School of Business Administration, the College of Arts and Sciences and even the School of Education and Health Sciences. You will study optimization, system simulation, reliability, production engineering and many other topics.


You don't have to interrupt your career to earn a master's degree in engineering management or management science. We offer convenient courses and integrate traditional and professional students together in an energetic program that puts you on the fast-track to a leadership position.

Create your program with your needs in mind. For your quality educational experience, you can take advantage of our in-class or online course options. Our Distance Learning virtual classrooms use the latest multi-media technologies for a state-of-the-art learning experience.

Email or call us at 937-229-2238 to create your opportunity!

If you are specifically interested in our 100% online engineering management master’s, please call us at 855-792-1042 or send an email message to admissions@online.udayton.edu

What Our Students Say.
  • "All of the staff at the University of Dayton in the engineering management department make it possible for me to excel in my studies. . . . Due to job requirements, there are times when I am unable to attend live classes. However, the (simulcast) online system . . . enables me to view the lectures in the evenings when I am at home and on weekends. It is working extremely well for me."
  • "The curriculum is demanding but appropriate and applicable toward many engineering disciplines. The teaching media and outside class work are very conducive to learning as well as convenient."


Graduate students

Toward the end of your program of study, you'll complete a capstone project that will enable you to demonstrate your ability to translate coursework into real-world application. Alternately, if you aspire toward an eventual doctorate degree, you will be encouraged to work with our faculty on a research project that will culminate in a master’s thesis. 

Some topics studied by our recent graduates:

  • Optimizing manufacturing, assembly and sequencing operations for a new facility
  • Developing a model for selecting a supplier for gas turbine engines
  • Improving production and packaging for a brewing company
  • Analyzing failure data for the avionics systems on a gunship
  • Ergonomic redesign of a digital camera
  • Optimizing the propulsion system for an unmanned aerial vehicle
  • Determining the best configuration for a call center via simulation

Go to "Student Resources" for other past research titles.

Faculty research


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