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Bombeck Institute

Comprises the training arm of the Center for Early Learning. Bombeck Institute personnel includes Bombeck Center teachers, University of Dayton early childhood faculty and other highly qualified experienced practitioners, who are ready to share their expertise with individuals, groups, and staff.

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Bombeck Family Learning Center

Dayton area's leading early childhood education center. Operated in conjunction with the School of Education and Health Sciences, it serves as a demonstration school for students studying early childhood education. Teacher Education students gain experience, while area children receive the best in early childhood education and care. 

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Center for Catholic Education

Provides Catholic schools with programs and services that enhance the church's mission to evangelize, educate, and empower the people of God. Its vision is to be a servant-leader in working with Catholic educators to foster excellence in Catholic schools. 

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Center for Early Learning

Advances the University of Dayton's Marianist mission to respond to changing times and engage in important community outreach by striving to attain the following goals: 1) Advance the role of the Bombeck Family Learning Center as a demonstration school; 2) Enhance the services provided by the Bombeck Institute and to inform the field through publications, presentations, web-based resources, and online and face-to-face training; 3) Support the Early Childhood Career Lattice by offering high quality online bachelor's and master's degree programs in Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy; and 4) Be the leader in support for early childhood Catholic education. 

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Curriculum Materials Center

Lending library of professional and practical teaching materials, located on the 6th floor of Fitz Hall. The CMC's extensive collection includes award-winning books, educational DVDs & CDs, OAE study guides, standardized tests, teaching aids, posters, models, kits and more!

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Educational Field Office

Works with area partners and University of Dayton faculty in securing, coordinating and communicating field placements to support clinical experience requirements for Teacher Education students. 

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Operations & Information Technology

Provides technical support and guidance to faculty and staff within the School of Education and Health Sciences.

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Empowering Children with Hope and Opportunity Program (ECHO)

Partnership between the University of Dayton's Center for Catholic Education and local Catholic schools. ECHO's expertise is working with children from under-resourced neighborhoods and from diverse cultures. 

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