Mechanical, Aerospace, and Renewable and Clean Energy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Team Makes National News
Exemplifying Engineering for the Common Good, MEE capstone design students, Jeffery Lecave and Marc Wautelet, designed a device under the direction of John Hageman that enables sight-impaired veteran to stay centered when running on a treadmill.  Click here for Fox 45 news video.
Sumo Bot Competition
Kate Sexton and Alex Duda, sophomore engineering students, teamed up to develop a robot to enter the Stander Symposium Sumo Bot Challenge. During the competition, Duda told WDTN news, ". . . working with a partner can be helpful and adding a competition to a learning environment is beneficial because it pushes you to be more creative." Click here for WDTN Sumo Bot video and transcript.
Adaptive Cars for Special Needs Children

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Megan Reissman, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UD, helped manage the team of volunteers. "Typically the modifications are going to be re-setting the pedal or moving it to a button that's easy for the child to press," Reissman said. Click here for WDTN video and transcript.

Entrepreneurially Minded Learning

Assistant Professor Sidaard Gunasekaran (Sid) designed and now teaches Introduction to Flight for sophomores pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. Believing that engineering is the artful use of resources and scientific understanding to create value, he incorporates Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML) using KEEN methodologies. How does he do it?

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It Flies Competition University of Manchester, UK
Hunter Johnston and Jacob Korczyk (pictured) entered the competition with a design for an industrial client, a crop duster aircraft, and won the prize for the best project presentation. Click here to read more in the Aero Society's article in the Aerospace Magazine October 2017 Issue.
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IT Flies! Competition University of Dayton, USA
Our University of Dayton Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering IT Flies Competition was featured in the Aero Society's Aerospace Magazine August 2017 issue. Click here to read the article.
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Drs. Megan and Tim Reissman

Megan and Tim Reissman, a husband and wife team of UD mechanical engineering professors, discuss last weekend's Go Baby Go! event at Dayton Children's Hospital and how adaptive technology can make a huge difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Dr. Sid Gunasekaran

Some people love sailing, others golf or running. First year faculty member, Dr. Sidaard “Sid” Gunasekaran, has a passion for aerodynamics and the equations that are used to improve performance in not only flight, but all of these activities.  Click here for video.

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Dr. Tim Reissman

Dr. Tim Reissman wanted to give his students in MEE 434 a hands-on assignment that would challenge their engineering and innovation skills, so he developed the first University of Dayton Sumo Bot Competition. Senior mechanical engineering majors, Brandon Smith and Kyle Vanden Eynden, only lost one match during Sumo Bot Competition 2016! Congratulations, Brandon and Kyle! 

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Dr. Jun-Ki Choi

"Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with value creation," said Dr. Jun-Ki Choi, mechanical engineering assistant professor recently in KEEN'zine magazine.

Dr. Drew Murray

Why do we still drive gasoline cars: 90-second lecture by Dr. Andrew Murray.

UD 90 Second Lectures

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and Renewable and Clean Energy, Dr. J. Kelly Kissock, Department Chair

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