Choose from more than 10 degree programs

Teachers in the Lalanne program can earn a master's degree from the University of Dayton.

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MSE degree options

The University of Dayton School of Education and Health Sciences offers multiple Master of Science in Education (MSE) degree programs for teachers in the Lalanne program:

  • Interdisciplinary Education Studies (multiple concentrations): Designed for individuals who want to pursue additional study in a discipline or content area as well as in the education profession, including in Special Education and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).
  • Literacy: Prepares teachers to assume professional and leadership roles related to literacy in a school setting. Reading Endorsement info here >>
  • Teacher as Leader (multiple concentrations): Goal is to support the continued development of critical reflection, enhancement of professional practice, and meaningful contributions to community, which is designed for teachers who would like to become involved in a leadership position while still maintaining teaching responsibilities. Areas of concentration include Leadership, Literacy, Special Education, and Technology.
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning (online only): Prepares candidates to integrate technology-enhanced learning into their own teaching and to assist other professionals in their schools.

MME degree option

The University of Dayton College of Arts and Sciences offers a Master in Mathematics Education (MME) degree program for teachers in the Lalanne program:

  • Mathematics Education: Developed to meet the needs of mathematics teachers who are now required to complete a master's degree program in their content area or general education in order to maintain a provisional teaching license for a second renewal. Note: Only for those with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics Education.

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